HipHop meets Oriental Dance – dansfilm

During my research for a documentary about bellydance I practised with the Steady Wing. To record a dance piece it is a great and simple way to film.

Hip Hop meets Oriental Dance is a result of a friendship between two dancers Steve Kuenzi from La-Chaux-de-Fonds and Mirjam Barakar – Sutter from Zürich and of the research of Mirjam to confront Oriental Dance with different dance styles. The piece has been premiered in 2010 in Berlin in the frame of the Oriental Dance Festival ‘Orientalhane’ and has been performed in several Cities around Europe with this first version. In 2017 it was invited to be performed for the festival ‘Urban Delights’ in the Phoenix Theatre in Steckborn, Switzerland. For this opportunity the creation has been extended and renewed.

Filmed in HD with the Steady Wing by Margriet Jansen.
Mirjam Barakar Contemporary Dance & Oriental Dance Arts
Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer

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